YOUR Website Control in YOUR hands

is an easy to use high specification website authoring package. Editmode enables users to build and manage their own sites quickly and easily.

Take control of your site content without the need to learn a complex program. Editmode has an exciting range of templates so you don't even need to create your own site design.

Not all CMS* programs are equal
. They are often too limited in what they are able to do, and present the user with a poor quality interface.

Or they can do absolutely everything, but are usually difficult to customise to your requirements and restrict your site design options, making the initial set-up of sites even more time-consuming.

*Content Management System
Editmode is both flexible and full featured. Giving real freedom to those wanting direct control over the content of their site, Editmode is the ideal CMS application for a wide variety of users.

Editmode uses a web based admin area for direct online editing of webpage content. With a computer and internet connection, you can add updates to your website anywhere, anytime.

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